Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Would Be Remiss Without Adding to the Simple Health and Wellness Broadcast Episode...

...that although I said during the broadcast that the nurse practitioner and the gynecologist saved my life, in all truth it was God that led me to a conscientious nurse practitioner I had never met (my gynecologist of 20 years was on leave at the time) to the sequence of medical examinations and treatments to uncover a usually silent condition that doesn't make a peep until it has progressed to a threatening and serious prognosis.

I must also add that the symptoms that led me to make an appointment were not on the classic symptom list.  I didn't feel right.  I felt something out of place.  It wasn't painful.  I actually thought it was the birth control device and that it possibly moved out of place.

Looking back to that season, I didn't speak much about the condition but only to a few people, i.e. three sisters in Christ at church; a cousin; a colleague/neighbor/friend who was my rock in helping me with transportation and household matters; a childhood friend who took care of my home while I was in the hospital; and my children so they would be up-to-date with their family medical history and not kept in the dark with what was going on with their mother.

In my telling, I shared only what was needed to be known. I meticulously kept any inkling of the treatment process from those I knew or felt would make it an interrogation opportunity.  I vowed not to give life and presence to the doctor's diagnosis so that my energy, mind and soul would be consistently focused on nothing but having good health.

Every time the specialist asked me if there was anyone to whom he needed to speak, I told him no.

I went to each appointment by myself.  But I was never alone.  God was there the whole time.

Lady Intelligence Live Broadcast:  Simple Health and Wellness

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